Managing a business is not easy, managing ANY team for that matter, is never easy.

We’ve all been there, from group projects to team sports; putting different kinds of people together leads to clashes of opinions if not heads, a disarray of communication, and even failure.

Indeed, we all have too much to do, with too little time.

As leaders and/or managers of our company, we may already know how to plan, prioritize, reorganize, and even simplify work.

But as one business, it is also our job to make sure our team members do the same.

In this entry, we will talk about quick and easy ways to boost your team’s productivity.

But before we delve into the things you can do, let’s talk a little about efficiency and productivity, and how the two relate to the ultimate goal of any business – profitability.

Efficiency and productivity go hand in hand.

The former affects the latter, which then affects profitability.


Well, when you use the least amount of input to get the maximum amount of output, then you get to save cash – PROFIT.

You can also read that as Total Sales – Total Cost = Profit. Thus, reducing cost = more profit.

As with other businesses, your goal is profit.

And to get that, you need to improve your efficiency and productivity, because well, you don’t want to waste money.


Encourage Teamwork


You can’t force teamwork, but you can cultivate it.

The best way to start cultivating the culture of teamwork is through ‘team building activities.’

Teamwork paves the road for efficiency and productivity.

Thus, for any team to function efficiently, it’s extremely important for its members to get along.

Relationships are the backbone of teamwork, and a good relationship can start with good team building activities.

You may have to choose activities that relate to the nature of your business, and the kind of team you ideally want to build.


Continuous Learning and Training

Your team’s productivity depends on a lot of things, and a large chunk of that is through your employee’s skills.

Training helps your team members improve their skills, knowledge, and expand their experience.

It gives them the confidence to take on any challenges that get in the way while their doing their job.

For training you can hold conferences, webinars, give them new books, or get them involved in training courses, and online programs.

If you want highly skilled and knowledgeable members in your team, then you should definitely invest in their continuous education.


Learn to Listen to Your Employees


Having an efficient and productive team means having an open line of communication.

Sometimes we get too caught up with our goals and many times, we think our way is the best way.

Well, input from team members helps, and if you listen to what they’ve got to say, then you might get something of great value.

Also, remember that your teams productivity is the driving force of your business.

They obviously know from experience what things work and don’t work.

Listen to what your team has got to say.

Make them feel that you value their input, or they’ll feel sidelined and unmotivated.


Give Them The Framework to be Motivated

Research by such people as Daniel Pink, and Gallop Group, London School of Economics and many others have showed that money does not motivate people.

We need to pay a fair wage or we demotivate people.

What motivates people is giving them clarity of what is expected of them and then giving them autonomy to do that.

This is coupled with accountability, but not micro management.

When team members can see that the business has a purpose and clear goals and can see how what they do contributes to that they are motivated.

Genuine praise for when they do a good job or you get feedback from what customers said about them is motivating.

Where appropriate this is better given with the rest of their team present.

These are just four of the many things you can do to encourage efficiency and productivity in your team.

Remember, these are the factors for profit, so cultivate a good culture of teamwork and build a winning team to boost your productivity.

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