Accountant Responsiveness…

There’s nothing worse when you have a burning question that may affect your business or revenue and your accountant doesn’t pick up the phone…

Fact is, most accountants aren’t really specialised business accountants.

They’re just happy to get paid to keep an eye on the books.

They’re not usually the type who partner with you and understand where you need help with growth goals…

When was the last time your accountant called you with some ideas on how to boost revenue or help grow your business?

Probably been a while huh?…

The truth is your accountant should be an extension of your business.

Someone who understands and respects your knowledge but goes the extra mile to understand where you need help.

Not just balancing books…

As a business owner, there are many things you need to concern yourself with.

Waiting for a call back from your accountant and worrying about how much you’re getting charged per minute to speak to them shouldn’t be one of them.

If you’re experiencing any of the following signs you may want to consider addressing them with your accountant.


Accountant not returning emails in a timely manner?


Sometimes we just need to know the answer to a quick financial question before we make business decisions.

So, of course, you fire off an email to your accountant.

Usually, it’s something that can be answered in a couple of lines in a reply however if your accountant takes days to reply to your query it’s not only frustrating but can open up a whole can of worms if the issue is time sensitive.

If your accountant is unavailable the least they can do is set an autoresponder email to let you know they won’t be able to handle your query until a certain date.

The last thing you should be expected to deal with as the person responsible for running the business is important financial questions disappearing into the ether never to be heard from again resulting in frantic unqualified Google searches…


Unreturned Phone calls…

Much like emails, it doesn’t take much effort to respond to a phone call.

Yes, we all get swamped from time to time but if your accountant has poor time management skills and repeatedly fails to maintain contact, how can they be expected to do a good job on keeping your accounts in order?

On the flipside of this, there’s the issue of billable time on calls.

Is your accountant charging you per minute just to speak to them?

If so it’s a very pricey way to be structured.

Are they billing you for phone calls where they chat away on topics that could have easily been put into a quick email?

If your gut feeling is telling you somethings not right with the way your accountant handles phone calls you should probably listen to it.


As business owners and managers, we don’t have time to be waiting around for third parties for simple or even complex accounting advice.

You should feel comfortable when it comes to dealing with the financials of your business, not uneasy or concerned things won’t get done.

Your accountant should be an extension of your best team members.

They should be coming on-site to make sure they really understand the essence and mission statement of the business, along with the goals driving growth into the future.

That’s the difference between traditional bean counters and specialised business accountants like Ambrosiussen.

We care about our clients, we’re always there for them.

We come on site and speak to our clients to gain an understanding of where they excel and what they need to improve upon.

We constantly show you ways to not only increase revenue but to secure your business so it has a successful financial future.

And we always return calls and emails in a fast efficient manner.

So if you’re sick of feeling ignored, have a quick chat with us.

We’ll show you what it’s like to have peace of mind when it comes to your businesses finances…

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