Having an accountant is a must for every business, that’s a fact, even for small and startup businesses.

These professionals’ help keep track of finances,  reduce tax burdens, and more importantly help you come up with more efficient ways to use and make money.

These advantages and benefits, however, can only happen when you have an accountant who will actually deliver.

If you’re having doubts about your accountant’s abilities, then you should definitely consider if they’re worth keeping, and know when it’s time to find a new one.

At the end of the day if your accountant is billing you for every call or email it’s time to find a new one that will work with you at a set amount.


Quality Comes With A Price


Indeed, accounting and tax professionals offer valuable service that should be fairly compensated.

And the saying “you get what you pay for” applies here too.

Thus, if you expect great service, then expect a fair price.

With that said, charges should reflect the work they do and the benefit they give.  

Obviously, the job of your accountant is to help you with your business’ finances, never to scam you or make your bill larger.

Poor accountants can cost your business thousands of dollars in fees each year.

The best way to anticipate the charges is to ask about it up front.


When You Think You Aren’t Getting What You Paid For


If you feel you aren’t getting what you paid for, then you should definitely consider finding a new accountant.

Take a good look at the overall value you are receiving from your expenses for accounting services.

If you constantly worry about your bills for every minute that you talk with your accountant, then you are not getting the value you deserve.

When you work with business accountants like Ambrosiussen: The Business Accountants, for example, you’ll quickly realize the fees you pay are an investment in your company.

Not a cost.

Your accountant should be showing you consistently how to make money, as well as spend it wisely.


Know their Billing Practices


Billing practices vary from one accountant and firm to another.

Some are quite aggressive and can really put pressure to bill every minute they can.

Some will require a review process before sending work out of their door.

This means every person who provides you with any work for your account, including the person who puts the stamp on your envelope, bills you for it.

Our managing partner was actually featured recently in a great article: why accountants should scrap billable hours, which was featured on in the National CPA monthly magazine In The Black,

 it’s well worth a read

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