Most start-up business owners think accountants are practically useless…

Well, this is absolutely false.

As a matter of fact, it is during this time that it is most helpful to get the services of an accountant to make sure the budding company is on the right track for success.

A good accountant can provide tonnes of important support and can work like some kind of a business advisor to help you plan things ahead, especially on essential factors of starting and running a company, like registering it and of course, managing tax issues.

Much like other company sizes, the financial aspect is one of the vital signs of new company, and having advice from someone who truly understands the ins and outs of finances makes life easier.

Good accountants can help forecast your start-up companies’ cash flows and budgeting, get updated with the latest information on legal issues, and answer your general queries about the financial aspect of your company.

As you grow, your accountants will advise you the best way or ways to sort out your finances without putting your company at risk and have some kind of an expert control to ensure your company is handled the right way.

Another important reason to have an accountant for a start-up venture is to handle your companies tax.

Taxation is definitely one of the largest expenses you will have for your company, and to minimise that cost, you need the service of a good accountant.


Why choose a local accountant for your start-up?


When it comes to managing your finances, you want to have an accountant who will not only deliver the tasks that you need to get done but more importantly take care of your business.

Here at Ambrosiussen accountants in Toowoomba, we have no problem coming onsite to help local businesses through our CFO service.


You can trust accountants.


Having someone you can fully trust to handle your finances is definitely one of the most important things when looking for an accountant.

Local accounting firms usually have the reputation in their community and that results in local clients recommending the business through word of mouth.
This lets you ask around about their firm and their accountants’ reputation.


Personalised accounting services.


You want to have an accountant who understands the things you want and need for your business.

A local accounting firm will provide you with a personal service; giving you direct access to the person you need to be in contact with for your accounting needs.

This saves you from being passed forwards and backwards from one person to another, which usually happens in larger companies.

Accountants in smaller accounting firms are easy to approach, and more importantly, they’re very easy to find.

You can stay in touch with them as often as you like.

Also, having a local accountant makes it easier and more convenient for your business to hold meetings, especially emergency meetings, as they can be readily available.


Keeps costs low.

Smaller accounting firms are actually more competitive than larger accounting companies.

This is because they don’t run a bigger business, with hundreds of people in their payroll and a big establishment to take care of.

As a startup business owner, you want to get the best bang for your buck.

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