Get Help With Self Managed Superannuation Funds…

Do You Need Help With A Self Managed Super Fund?

Sounds counter intuitive getting accountants to help you with something that’s supposed to be “self managed”

But we’re sure you agree, it’s always best to get advice from financial experts (as there are so many rules to comply with)…

With over 530,000 self managed funds now across Australia, the idea of managing your own super is growing…

But why is that?

What’s the benefit?

Well, self managed superannuation funds are perfect for those who like to control their own investments…

Grow Your Portfolio With Self Managed Super…

Many business owners have an inclination to property and often buy their business premises through their super fund.

As a general rule super funds cannot borrow and so this does make the task a little more difficult than it used to be.

To overcome this there are a number of options.

  • You can either use another property as security for the debt, however this will restrict future borrowing.
  • If you own 50% or less of the property and the other owners are not related to you, there can be debt over the property.
  • If you wish to own more than 50% than you can do so through a limited recourse borrowing arrangement. If you are going to do this you need to give yourself plenty of time and plan well ahead.

Investing in shares still keeps you in control

Direct share investment is another way to invest your self managed super fund contributions.

Shares have the benefit of being more easily sold than property.  You can also borrow on share purchases more simply than with property if you wish to leverage you aquisition.

You have control over what companies shares are held.

You can get professional assistance with this.  One of our strategic partners, Markiwicz and company can give you that advice.

It is good to spread your investments across both property and shares.

The Self Managed Super Fund space is tightly controlled and highly regulated.  So it is very important to get advice before taking any action as our comments on this page are only general and not advice.

So What Does Your Self Managed Superfund Service Cover You Ask?

Everything you could possibly need…

  • Establishment of the self-managed superannuation fundand everything else to keep the fund compliant
  • Advice about what you can doand can’t do with your self-managed superannuation
  • Strategies on how to maximise the benefits of the fund
  • Taxation advice on the fund
  • Preparation of your financial statements, tax returns and the other complying documentation.
  • Organising audits of the fund.

So What Other Rules Are There For A Self Managed Super Fund?

Your SMSF cannot buy assets from you or people related to you, apart from the exceptions mentioned above with business real estate or listed shares.

SMSF’s are governed by a series of rules.

One of the most important is the sole purpose test.


This test makes it clear the only purpose for a super fund is to provide for your retirement.

You cannot receive any personal benefit from the fund until that time.

This means for example you cannot buy a holiday unit that you will use.

It also means you cannot use the SMSF to buy a business that you will receive any remuneration or any indirect benefits from.

The ATO is making a significant increase in audit activity and enforcement of the laws.

However if you engage with professionals when you make major decisions your fund will comply.

Superannuation is a low taxed and secure way to hold assets.

Used wisely a self managed super fund can add to that flexibility and control.

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