If you’re one of the many entrepreneurs out there who are hands-on in their business, then you know for yourself how difficult it is to play multiple roles all at once.

Taking on your daily operations is hard enough, which is why many business owners have a hard time keeping track of their finances.

This is where the benefits of having a professional business accounting firm come into play…

They help you keep track with your finances as well as improve and expand your business.

Business accountants can take care of more than your financial reports, tax, and plans.

Their knowledge, skills, and experience can actually help you find ways to improve your profits and get profits you may have lost, back in the bank.

Here’s how:


Focusing on the Profitable Products or Services and Getting  Rid of the Unprofitable ones


Business accountants will conduct a thorough review to look for products and services within your business to see profit contribution each is making.

You can both take a look at margin levels of all your products and services and find those things that need to  be dropped if they’re contributing poorly or simply aren’t worth it. Then focus more of your effort on the profitable areas to grow them and increase the money you get for your effort


Restructure Your Finances


Finance restructuring is extremely important for any business, especially if you want to save interest on business loans.

A good business accountant will find cheaper options out there, or ones with lower interest that can boost your profits and cash flow.


Find The Right Pricing


By reviewing your pricing system across all products and services you offer, and determining which ones are in line with the market’s expectations, business accountants will maximize your current price levels.

Maybe you have a price that is long overdue for an increase?


Identify Valuable Customers


The goal of running a business is not just to get customers, but also to retain those that provide good value.

Thus, your accountant can help you identify these people from your database and work out the most profitable strategy to keep them, and get them to buy more and often from you.


Review Labor Costs


Labour costs are generally one of the largest costs of a business.  A Business Accountant can tell you how efficient your people are. There are more efficient ways to utilize your workforce, and your accountant can help you consider options to improve this.

Do you know how much an hour it really costs you for an employee?  It is not just there wage. The full cost includes, super, workcover and payroll tax.  The number of hour available is not 52 weeks. It is reduced by public holidays, annual leave, sick leave, training days, internal meetings.  Is your labour charge out rate enough? What is their productivity level? These are important questions a Business Accountant can guide you through.  

MAximising the return on your labour costs make a big boost to profits


Help Analyze Your Business’ Expenses


It’s important to know which expenses are too high based on industry industry’s benchmarks.

Business accountants can help you save money by examining your operating costs so you can switch your efforts directly to those that make more profit for you while costing you less.


Track Your Ad Investments


Advertising is a must for every business.

It can be hard and expensive.

And too many business owners fail to keep track of the money they spend on ads and marketing.

Or more importantly the return on that spend.

A good business accountant will help calculate the rate of each penny you spend on advertising; pinpoint which ones are effective and are really generating sales and which ones are just costing you dollars.


Reduce Your Business’ Bad Debts


Many businesses out there lose their hard-earned money from bad debts.

Business accountants will help you implement an efficient debtor management systems  for your business so you can improve your cash flow.

They will also give you options of collecting more money from customers up front, to reduce your risk and improve your cash flow further


Plan for Profit

Last and definitely not the least, business accountants will sit down with you so you can discuss plans to grow your profits in the future.

Obviously, an increase in profit doesn’t just happen – it’s a result of thorough planning and well-executed strategies.

A good business accounting firm will help you come up with flexible business plans to help you achieve your goals, so you can have your profits back in the bank.

If you’re ready to speak to business accountants with a proven track record of growing profits and making life easier for business owners in the Toowoomba regional area or west or south of Toowoomba  give us a call.

We’d be happy to have a chat with you to discuss how we’ll help you in areas of need.


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