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  • Sleep soundly at night knowing your business finances are under control?
  • Make sure you always have solid cash flow and profitability?
  • Make sure your business is structured correctly?
  • Grow your business with clarity and confidence?

Ambrosiussen Business Edge enables you to take your business from where it is today to where you want it to be.

To a place where it is financially strong and achieving what you want from your business.

Easy to read reports are part of the tools that we use with you to achieve your goals.

What’s Included In The Business Edge Service?

Cash Flow Management

This cash flow forecast provides a template for twelve (12) months’ worth of information to assist with the cash flow management…

Profit Improvement

While cash flow is the life-blood of your business, profits are needed to ensure a strong cash flow. We achieve this by carefully examining…

Improved Financing

A growing business needs finance to accelerate growth, increase market share, or develop new products to name but a few things that…

Risk Management

Risk management involves protecting your business and personal assets, which is now more important than ever in the highly litigious…

Enhancing Competitive Advantage

For business to make and sustain good profits, it has to have a clear point of difference that is well communicated supported by…

Strategic Planning

By focusing on cash flow, profit, debt, tax, marketing and sales and other key parameters you will produce results in your business…

Financial Planning

Once your business is positioned correctly and generating sustainable profits and cash flow, you will be ready to broaden…

Systemisation of Business

Every profitable business involves people performing different activities efficiently to achieve certain outcomes that contribute…

Succession Planning

Every business today is somewhere along the succession path. Identify where you are along that path today and take the right steps…

Our Business Edge tools have been developed over many years of personal involvement with our small to medium business clients. Combined with user-friendly, graphical and interactive computer software, Business Edge will clearly identify any issues or opportunities within your business that should be explored.

The service focuses on short, medium and long-term strategies to help clients operate smartly and profitably.

What Package Is Right For You?

The first step in any of the business edge packages is to identify which is the most appropriate for your business needs and provides the best value…

Remember, the business edge service makes it clear for you to grow your business profitably with a great return on investment.

Make sure you contact us free today and we’ll let you know how we can help.

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